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My name is Roger Rench - entrepreneur and CDL licensed professional driver. I started WHEELS TO YOU in 2003 in Sarasota, Florida while limo driving winter snowbirds. After hearing so many complaints about auto transport / car shipping companies and other forms of car delivery, I decided to provide a car delivery & moving truck alternative for snowbirds, people moving cross-country and others needing a vehicle delivered.

I now live in Des Moines, Iowa and do vehicle delivery, give rides around Iowa & nearby states, & moving truck trips to/from the midwest. We deliver cars for winter snowbirds, moving trucks, and other specialty vehicles for anyone in need of a driver.

We also provide, drive, load, and unload a moving truck for long-distance moves. We provide personal 1-on-1 service that goes far beyond what other auto transport, car delivery companies, and movers would do!

Your wheels are in good hands and get to your destination safely for one low flat fee that includes ALL expenses and labor. (We drive, not haul or transport) With pick up and delivery at a convenient time, you know exactly when it will arrive and avoid the hassles associated with auto transport, car shippers, and bigger moving companies. 

For cross-country moves, we take the difficulty of driving a large moving truck (& trailer if needed) off your hands. We provide a moving truck, load and unload it, and drive it to your new home. We can even take your pet(s) along for no extra charge.

We have customers in 40 states with good references. We service snowbirds, people moving cross-country, auto dealers & manufacturers, buyers, and anyone needing a vehicle moved from one place to another. Trustworthy, reliable, safe, clean, and timely delivery service for snowbirds, x-country movers, and others at a great rate. Pet transportation is also included at no extra charge. We'll be here for you!



Roger Rench started Wheels To You in Sarasota,FL in 2003 and now lives in Des Moines,Iowa. A family man and father/stepfather of ten & grandfather of five with a background in education, ministry, sales, prof. driving, and business, Roger has driven well over a million miles professionally as a school bus/limousine/delivery driver and his own transportation-related businesses.

An inspirational writer and speaker, Roger is soon launching VISION 4 GREATNESS. You can subscribe to the FREE weekly inspirational story by sending a "Subscribe V4G" e-mail to

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