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The "EXTRAS": Little Things We Do That Matter

In addition to delivering your car to you from your pick-up to drop-off location, there are lots of "little things" we can do that no auto transport company will ever do. Here are just a few:

1) DELIVER PETS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE - I'm both a dog and cat lover and have delivered both on many of my trips. I enjoy the company and take good care of them. In the case of large dogs, I can save you both a lot of $ and the misery of drugging your pet to put it on an airline that specializes in pet transportation.

2) DROP YOU OFF / PICK YOU UP AT THE AIRPORT - If timing permits, I can drop you off at the airport on my way out of town or pick you up at the destination airport as I'm coming into town. This saves you the time and $ of paying for a taxi or limousine.

3) DELIVER LUGGAGE, BOXES, ETC. - Because of weight limitations, auto transport trucks cannot take cars with luggage, boxes, etc. inside of them. I can. This saves you time and $ by not having to ship them back and forth.

4) PROVIDE A RENTAL TRUCK - If you are moving cross-country to/from the midwest, we can provide a rental truck and drive it both ways. You would need to provide local movers to load/unload, but the daily rate for a truck we provide could save you $ over a 1-way rental.

Because we are not a large company transporting cars in bulk, we are much more flexible and can do a variety of little things that add value to our service. We will give you our very best service that meets your needs!

Go with WHEELS TO YOU - the little company that does the extra little things to make things easier for you and give you the most value!

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