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Cost vs. Value: Transport or Wheels To You?

Depending on what kind of car you need delivered, that will largely determine what kind of car delivery service you'll want to use. If you have an older vehicle that you just want to get moved for the lowest price possible, auto. transport is probably your best bet. Though I'm in the ballpark on price, they can usually do it for less. That's because transport rates are way down due to the economy, and because I have additional costs to consider in my quotes. They deliver in bulk; I deliver one-on-one. I realize that may lose me a little business, but that's OK because I don't compete on cost, but value. 

My customers use me because I am the alternative to the things they don't like about transport. Transport companies cannot tell you exactly when your car will arrive; I can. Transport companies don't allow you to load up your car with other things; I do. Transport companies won't take your pet along with your car; I can at no extra charge, saving you tons of $ having to do it another way. I also can help you load and drive a moving rental truck for those who are moving cross-country. I'm just one guy driving one vehicle at a time, giving great value to the customers who choose to use my service.(see our "Why Use Us?" page to see more) 

So if cost is your #1 criteria, go with auto transport. If value and timeliness is, call me and I'll give you the best service available!

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