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Your Wheels IN GOOD HANDS!

Sometimes you don't find a business; a business finds you... sometimes a new business is born from an unmet need... sometimes opportunity comes along when you're going about your everyday life... that's my story. 

The good lookin' limousine driver who provided excellent service with a smile!A few years ago I was a limousine driver in Sarasota, Florida. I spent most of my days driving people back and forth between Tampa and Sarasota. In the fall and winter I picked up a lot of snowbirds flying down to Florida for winter. As I listened, I heard a common complaint: they didn't like using auto transport companies to get their car down to Florida. Why? Among other things, the biggest reason was they never knew what day their car would arrive, and sometimes they'd have to wait two or three days without transportation.

Pet transportation that provided great company on the road!Another challenge many snowbirds have is getting their pets down to their winter home and back. Because major airlines will not fly pets, many people choose to fly them on a seperate airline that specializes in pet transportation. Pet owners hate having to sedate their pets, not to mention the extra cost.

Penske moving truck delivery  to Minnesota by Roger Rench, Wheels To You owner & CDL licensed professional driverAfter hearing several people complain about these issues, I finally asked one of them if they'd like me to drive their car next spring when they were ready to go home. I asked three different couples and they responded with an immediate "Yes, we'd love it!" So in the spring of 2003, WHEELS TO YOU was born. We've been a popular alternative to auto transport and a convenient car delivery option ever since. We've also added a moving service, driving moving trucks cross-country for people re-locating. 

There are many advantages to using our service: experienced professional driver with over a million road miles... honest and trustworthy... flexible...  personal one-on-one service... accessible... you know exactly when your vehicle will get to you... pets at no extra charge... and the list goes on.(see our "Why Use Wheels To You?" page) We provide safe, timely, professional service with great value. 

If you need a car or rental truck delivered to your new or winter home, we're here for you!

On the move,  Roger      (515)422-1405

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