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Car & moving truck delivery rates are based on distance, number of days involved, vehicle gas mileage and current gas prices, airfares to/from your closest airport, your car's mpg and current gas prices. Long distance moving rates are also based on how much stuff you are moving and how long it takes to load and unload the truck. Flat fee includes ALL expenses including gas, motels, airfare, meals, loading/unloading and driving labor. Get a reasonable rate quote within 24 hours. You must also arrange for getting us to/from your local airport upon pick-up and/or delivery. (not included in quote) 

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Ride from Des Moines bus station to Cedar Rapids,IA
16' Truck: Johnston,IA to Eugene,OR
16' Truck & trailer: Omaha,NE to Barre,VT
16' Truck: Bellevue,NE to Boston,MA
16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Philadelphia,PA
16' Truck: Eau Claire,WI to Des Moines,IA
16' Truck: Windsor Heights,IA to Colorado Springs,CO
16' Truck: Johnston,IA to Nutley,NJ
26' Truck: San Francisco,CA to Sarasota,FL
16'Truck: Waukee,IA to Branson,MO
16' Truck: Ft. Dodge,IA to St. Louis,MO
Ride from Des Moines,IA to Madison,WI
16' Truck: W Des Moines,IA to Highland,IN
16' Truck: Grinnell,IA to Geneva,OH
16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Las Vegas,NV
26' Truck: Ankeny,IA to Nashville,TN
16' Truck: Iowa City,IA to Troy,MI
26' Truck & trailer: Miami,FL to Pella,IA
Car & Customer: Little Rock,AR to Albany,NY
Chevy Trailblazer Car & Dog delivery: Branson,MO to Sequim,WA
16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Alexandria,MN
                                              16' Truck: W. Des Moines,IA to Gurnee,IL
                                           16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Minneapolis,MN
                                               16' Truck: Plymouth,MN to Johnston,IA
                                          16' Truck: W Des Moines,IA to Wauwatosa,WI
                                              16' Truck: Cedar Rapids,IA to Elkhorn,NE
                                                  26' Truck: Chariton,IA to Madison,WI
                                                   16' Truck: Iowa City,IA to Jenison,MI
                                                16' Truck: Columbus,OH to Coralville,IA
                                                16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Mankato,MN
                                                   12' Truck: Daytona,FL to Grinnell,IA
                                                 16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Denver,CO
                                             16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Los Angeles,CA
                                          26' Truck & car trailer: San Jose,CA to Tampa,FL
                                                  16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Madison,WI
                                                   16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Chicago,IL
                                                  16' Truck: Oakland,CA to Des Moines,IA
                                                 16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Fort Yates,ND
                                                   16' Truck: Pella,IA to Washington D.C.
          School Bus delivery: Des Moines,IA to Kansas City,KS
         Toyota Camry car delivery: Minneapolis,MN to Myrtle Beach,SC 
         Nissan Altima car (+cat) delivery: Des Moines to Panama City,FL
      Saturn car delivery: Casa Grande,AZ to Minneapolis,MN
                                      Ford F150 truck delivery: Des Moines,IA to Gurnee,IL
         Porche delivery: Phoenix,AZ to Des Moines,IA   
      26' Truck: Cedar Falls,IA to Wappingers Falls,NY
      16' Truck: Minneapolis,MN to Davenport,IA
       16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Denver,CO
      16' Truck: Clarinda,IA to Liberty,MO
       16' Truck: Des Moines,IA to Keller,TX
        16' Truck & car trailer: Des Moines,IA to Sanibel Island,FL
         26' Truck & car trailer: Ankeny,IA to Memphis,TN
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